Jacques Brel: Chansonnier extraordinaire passed today in 1978. My tribute

Tribute to Jacques Brel. I always wondered what this darkly beautiful chanson would sound like had Brel utilized the early synthesizers of him time. Today seems like a good day to post this left field tribute, a song covered by Scott Walker, Shirley Bassey, Marc Almond, Dusty Springfield, Nina Simone, Divine Comedy, Rod McKuen and […]

Wearing it on your sleeve

I have spoken in public for 8 years about ‘numbers’ and their importance in the grand scheme of things exoteric (finance, conspiracy theory, global control) and esoteric (money, natural philosophy, religion) but was criticised recently by someone who thinks that it’s all an irrelevant distraction and that I am being egotistical by having a radio […]

“Do what thou wilt” Who said that?

I wanted to do a short but hopefully useful blog to introduce a regular series (and to test the website blog function) based upon the understandings and insights developed during my own studies into the nature of this world and the human condition. I use the word ‘studies’ to cover a broad spectrum which of […]

Hello World!

Welcome to MARK COCKING.COM This website is currently under construction and will be LIVE soon! The Pierrots & Fools Show will continue as a podcast shortly and I’ll also be commencing a regular blog. If you’d like to make an audio contribution to the show by MP3 I’ll be continuing to broadcast your thoughts and […]