“Do what thou wilt” Who said that?

I wanted to do a short but hopefully useful blog to introduce a regular series (and to test the website blog function) based upon the understandings and insights developed during my own studies into the nature of this world and the human condition.

I use the word ‘studies’ to cover a broad spectrum which of course includes the greatest sort of study. Life itself and a natural interest in it. Something which I guess most folk who may read this already have.

A subject presented itself only a few days ago when a Christian commentator contacted me and, I must say, very respectfully questioned me as to why I should feel it was right to give any time or credence to a philosophy of evil.

He referred to Aleister Crowley and his infamous quote, “Do what though wilt shall be the whole of the law. Love is the Law. Love under will” and he provided me with this link: Jesus is saviour

suggesting that I might like to peruse its wisdom and seek forgiveness from the Lord before it’s too late.

I pointed out that he was being patronising by suggesting (in the usual insidious passive- aggressive manner of one who has been subject to mind controlling dogmas) that I was condoning evil.

His own objection was basically summarised thus: If everyone went round doing what they wanted to do the world would be an evil place. Like it’s not already. We require law. Biblical law. Oh and prophecy too! Apparently.

I pointed out that, firstly, I’m not condoning Crowley, merely referencing him in pursuance of greater understanding for myself and for any others who share that interest, in the same way a christian will reference demons and that he should consider Crowley as just another demon.

Secondly, this is a somewhat inane interpretation of something which has been well studied and which, in no way, implies anything so ridiculous. I suggested that if he were to read Crowley’s own words, when confronted by such an opinion, he would understand that there is no virtue in such an interpretation.

He , of course, went on to explain that only God’s will should be done and that this is only attained by submitting my will to Jesus Christ. Oh I could have said so much, but I didn’t. Rather, I asked him why Jesus or God, his dad, would not approve of ‘Do what thou wilt’ as a philosophy. Basically, the answer was the same. Because it is Satan’s creed.

Well, I’d had enough of this programmed bullshit, however ‘respectfully’ presented, but I resisted the temptation to explain to the poor lost soul that it is his creed which is ‘satanic’.

That is one of the subjects I deal with in ‘The Pierrots and Fools Show’ and I’ll have more detail to add in coming episodes. For now though, here is how I drew a conclusive line upon my detractors infantile ‘insight’.

‘May I ask if you are a Catholic or Protestant Christian, or one of the many other sects?’
He confirmed he was a Catholic, but not a practising one. I was tempted to ask if that means that he doesn’t abuse children, but resisted and instead asked him another question.
‘So who is it that said “do what thou wilt” and what is so bad about him?’
He said, “Aleister Crowley, the Beast…he was a Theosophist and a Satanist, communicating with demonic forces!”

Well, first of all, he was no Theosophist. He called it ‘Toshosophy’ and rejected their hidden masters. His philosophy/religion was Theleme, which he details in his work. Secondly, it wasn’t him who said it.

He ‘borrowed’ it.

He claimed not to have been aware that that Francois Rebelais wrote of the Abbey of Thélème, built by the giant Gargantua and much more detail can be found here:

Rabelais and The Monks of Theleme

Moreover though, the statement itself… Do what thou wilt…is a direct quote from St Augustine.

I could embellish by detailing the explanation of the phrase but defer to the Catholic saint himself to explain it.

St Augustine Quote

Catholicism? The source of satanic principles? But surely that would mean….?? Ah yes! But it goes much deeper.

In the next P&F Show I’ll talk more about this as I delve into the real secret of the ‘occult knowledge’ and how Satanism and Luciferian religions are simply the esoteric wing of the controlling and indigenous power on this planet.

I will detail my perception of the world, how and why I perceive it and the reality we face, having only ever alluded to it in earlier shows. Whether you are a thinker, a seasoned ‘conspiracy theorist’, a spiritual traveler, a researcher of history, science or occult knowledge…even if you are new to all of this…I invite you to soon join me on “The Pierrots and Fools Show” on a trip through the caverns of the mind and back into the new light of reality.

Only this time it will be a new one in which you will perceive the source of the problem and the nature of the solution. It’s simple but it ain’t easy.
Or, of course, you may entirely disagree with me. I have no preference either way, being more than content with what I do understand and pursuing still those elements which I do not.

Until then… heartfelt thanks and…

Love on ya!

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