Mark S Cocking FCBSI/FCIB is an ex- ‘Fellow of the chartered Building Societies Institute’, and  ‘Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Bankers’.

With 30 + years experience in the industry, Mark spent many years in Building Society management before becoming self employed as a Mortgage Specialist (advising all sectors of the industry on all aspects of the mortgage business) and as a Regulatory Compliance Specialist responsible for corporate implementation of FSA regulations.

He left the industry just prior to the culmination (in the so called ‘credit crunch’) of the situation he had been warning his industry about.

He has also researched the role of esoteric and occult societies within the industry, has experience of some, and has studied the natural sciences and occult philosophies for 35 yrs.

2 thoughts on “BIOGRAPHY

  1. Kathy Duncan Langford

    Hi Mark, I thought you might know something about the Currier Inn in Greeley Colorado formerly know as The Sod Buster Inn. I think it has something to do with Europe but I need answers that has been held back from me for quite some time now. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. My heroes used to be the likes of Supermac,keegan,shearer and strummer.Today the people I most admire are the likes of r.d.Hall,icke and cocking!Drivinging along North Shields fish quay at lunchtime today I think I may have seen one of the afore mentioned or his doppelganger.Was that you Mark?
    CHeers,Kev from Percy Main.

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