Jacques Brel: Chansonnier extraordinaire passed today in 1978. My tribute

Tribute to Jacques Brel. I always wondered what this darkly beautiful chanson would sound like had Brel utilized the early synthesizers of him time. Today seems like a good day to post this left field tribute, a song covered by Scott Walker, Shirley Bassey, Marc Almond, Dusty Springfield, Nina Simone, Divine Comedy, Rod McKuen and so many more which I hope he may have appreciated.

Possibly one of the greatest love songs ever written, interestingly Brel has adopted the perspective of the Troubadours of the Languedoc region (and why wouldn’t he?) the “faithful followers of love (fidele d’amour)” whereby man is a ‘beggar at the doors of love’, a phrase used by the Sufi Mystics (magi) and Gnostics of the Templar lands in France to reveal their esoteric and spiritual allegiance, somewhat like a masonic handshake today. He would of course be familiar with their traditions as he was Troubadour

If you go away (Ne me quitte pas) by Jacques Brel. Created and performed using MiniMoog, ARP2600, Theremin and Mellotron

Wearing it on your sleeve

I have spoken in public for 8 years about ‘numbers’ and their importance in the grand scheme of things exoteric (finance, conspiracy theory, global control)
and esoteric (money, natural philosophy, religion) but was criticised
recently by someone who thinks that it’s all an irrelevant distraction
and that I am being egotistical by having a radio show talking about it and other things.

The point requires clarification.

A key theme of mine has always been the Prime Number Cross, in that it defines
the hidden order of the prime numbers and reveals how all other numbers are
ordered by them. Primes are of course known to be the root of what we call
music and music is, of course, relative resonance, the geometric ‘science’ of frequency.

Which is why, perhaps, when you lay your 28 phalanges on a piano keyboard (88 notes) you are playing a Pi-ano? 88/28 is, after all, Pi to 3 decimal places. It’s only in
realising that language is no co-incidence, relative to numbers, that one can see WHY Kabbala and occult history is full of reference to them. The Hermetic code, the source of all Hermetic knowledge is, of course, Octave based and musical in form.It represents the process by which consciousness itself evolves. We do of course get our phrase ‘hermetically sealed’ from the fact that this code contains deep secrets.

But that’s just irrelevant and mere distraction to the ‘lizard hunters’ and the
‘Neu-Puritans’ who overlook the fact that when I first mentioned the ‘numbers’ I was clear that there was ‘nothing’ out there to reference other than the original work.
If you look now you will find a world of discovery is taking place so, to the charge
of irrelevance, I simply say “QED”.

Another constant theme has been that this is an ancient physics/math rediscovered which has always been there before our eyes and that it is the root of occult mysticism and sacred geometry.  That and the true history of Earth and its inhabitants under a Saturnian sun in recorded history.

It stands up to scrutiny, mathematical, geometric, historical and symbolic. It does, after all, form the cross of the Knights Templar, a 2D exploded plan view of The Pyramid, though one does have to look for oneself in full knowledge of the process of confirmation bias, if one is truly committed to the principle of truth and knowledge, rather than ones own psycopathy.

It lays at the root of occult/secret society research and knowledge by virtue of it
being, I have suggested, the key to Alchemy too.

How can that be? In giving my perspective and reasoning in the show over many weeks, I included the numbers and geometry which prove that proposal to any who are interested enough to pursue their own research in these subjects. Details which I reasoned for myself without secret society or ‘channelled’ input, though on the shoulders of the knowledge of their reality. I’ll be talking about this in coming shows.

Feedback has come from all levels of understanding in these subjects and, disregarding the conspiracy paranoids, it has been 100% affirmative, including some whose own studies of sacred geometry are at that level where such unifying factors create a revelation in their own perception.

A landscape of sacred geometry ‘dimensioning’ through the rhythm of the prime numbers into physical reality. In this reality, 2 dimensional symbols and 3 dimensional constructions can be regarded, quite literally, as self activating software resonant with DNA.

This last sentence in itself contains the key to the satanic/luciferian control system and ritual for any who wish to ponder further.

Number is, indeed,all! How could it not be in a holographic reality? Shame on the distractors! It is not that everyone deserves shame if they have not seen the reality buried deeply in an esoteric subject. But there is a case to be made against those who claim to support truth when they merely support their  own right to have an opinion, uninformed or otherwise. Indulging in Ad hominum attacks whilst defining them
because they recently learned what that phrase meant from a you tube video and are determined to quote the latest meme, or at least try it out for themselves in a cloud of irony.

That aspect of you which someone else has named ‘ego’ is part of you. Just because Freud and others delineate the boundaries, don’t be fooled into missing the obvious. Like money, it is only the love of it which destroys. Ego itself, like a ‘means of exchange’, is a rational, real and balancing aspect in our lives. Or a hugely irrational and imbalanced one leading to a detachment from reality.

Yet it is in our differences that we evolve. The universe is a ‘difference’ engine. It survives sweetly by discarding the differences which don’t withstand its logic and numbers, then it dances to the rest and invites us to take the lead.

As if to prove the utter irrelevance of it all, our ‘soon to be King’, Templar and The
chosen ‘Anti-Christ’ of the evangelical religious communities worldwide, coincidentally displays upon his arm a symbol which perfectly (and I do mean perfectly) defines the order of the Prime NumbersPrince William and how they create everything in our 3D reality via a transcendental-re-dimensioning of 4 dimensional space through
Pi and into sacred geometry. All geometry is, after all, a 3 dimensional ‘reflection’ of a greater 4 dimensional geometric space. This much even Freemasons are taught.

I realise this is hard to comprehend at first, but you don’t need to.

The Prince knows it.

He would. He’s a Pharaoh of the tribe of Dan.

And he wears it all on his sleeve.

“Do what thou wilt” Who said that?

I wanted to do a short but hopefully useful blog to introduce a regular series (and to test the website blog function) based upon the understandings and insights developed during my own studies into the nature of this world and the human condition.

I use the word ‘studies’ to cover a broad spectrum which of course includes the greatest sort of study. Life itself and a natural interest in it. Something which I guess most folk who may read this already have.

A subject presented itself only a few days ago when a Christian commentator contacted me and, I must say, very respectfully questioned me as to why I should feel it was right to give any time or credence to a philosophy of evil.

He referred to Aleister Crowley and his infamous quote, “Do what though wilt shall be the whole of the law. Love is the Law. Love under will” and he provided me with this link: Jesus is saviour

suggesting that I might like to peruse its wisdom and seek forgiveness from the Lord before it’s too late.

I pointed out that he was being patronising by suggesting (in the usual insidious passive- aggressive manner of one who has been subject to mind controlling dogmas) that I was condoning evil.

His own objection was basically summarised thus: If everyone went round doing what they wanted to do the world would be an evil place. Like it’s not already. We require law. Biblical law. Oh and prophecy too! Apparently.

I pointed out that, firstly, I’m not condoning Crowley, merely referencing him in pursuance of greater understanding for myself and for any others who share that interest, in the same way a christian will reference demons and that he should consider Crowley as just another demon.

Secondly, this is a somewhat inane interpretation of something which has been well studied and which, in no way, implies anything so ridiculous. I suggested that if he were to read Crowley’s own words, when confronted by such an opinion, he would understand that there is no virtue in such an interpretation.

He , of course, went on to explain that only God’s will should be done and that this is only attained by submitting my will to Jesus Christ. Oh I could have said so much, but I didn’t. Rather, I asked him why Jesus or God, his dad, would not approve of ‘Do what thou wilt’ as a philosophy. Basically, the answer was the same. Because it is Satan’s creed.

Well, I’d had enough of this programmed bullshit, however ‘respectfully’ presented, but I resisted the temptation to explain to the poor lost soul that it is his creed which is ‘satanic’.

That is one of the subjects I deal with in ‘The Pierrots and Fools Show’ and I’ll have more detail to add in coming episodes. For now though, here is how I drew a conclusive line upon my detractors infantile ‘insight’.

‘May I ask if you are a Catholic or Protestant Christian, or one of the many other sects?’
He confirmed he was a Catholic, but not a practising one. I was tempted to ask if that means that he doesn’t abuse children, but resisted and instead asked him another question.
‘So who is it that said “do what thou wilt” and what is so bad about him?’
He said, “Aleister Crowley, the Beast…he was a Theosophist and a Satanist, communicating with demonic forces!”

Well, first of all, he was no Theosophist. He called it ‘Toshosophy’ and rejected their hidden masters. His philosophy/religion was Theleme, which he details in his work. Secondly, it wasn’t him who said it.

He ‘borrowed’ it.

He claimed not to have been aware that that Francois Rebelais wrote of the Abbey of Thélème, built by the giant Gargantua and much more detail can be found here:

Rabelais and The Monks of Theleme

Moreover though, the statement itself… Do what thou wilt…is a direct quote from St Augustine.

I could embellish by detailing the explanation of the phrase but defer to the Catholic saint himself to explain it.

St Augustine Quote

Catholicism? The source of satanic principles? But surely that would mean….?? Ah yes! But it goes much deeper.

In the next P&F Show I’ll talk more about this as I delve into the real secret of the ‘occult knowledge’ and how Satanism and Luciferian religions are simply the esoteric wing of the controlling and indigenous power on this planet.

I will detail my perception of the world, how and why I perceive it and the reality we face, having only ever alluded to it in earlier shows. Whether you are a thinker, a seasoned ‘conspiracy theorist’, a spiritual traveler, a researcher of history, science or occult knowledge…even if you are new to all of this…I invite you to soon join me on “The Pierrots and Fools Show” on a trip through the caverns of the mind and back into the new light of reality.

Only this time it will be a new one in which you will perceive the source of the problem and the nature of the solution. It’s simple but it ain’t easy.
Or, of course, you may entirely disagree with me. I have no preference either way, being more than content with what I do understand and pursuing still those elements which I do not.

Until then… heartfelt thanks and…

Love on ya!