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The Pierrots & Fools Show: The Second Coming…..

SHOW 1: 25th November 2015
An overview of what is to come in future episodes and talking about the ‘truth movement’, Saturn, who really runs the world and much much more….
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The Pierrots & Fools Show

An esoteric exploration of natural sciences, spirituality, numbers, global conspiracy, music, lore, history and the occult arts.

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31st July 2014 (click on logo above)
I have recently been asked to host my own weekly radio show on Critical Mass Radio and am honoured to be joining the team at Critical Mass…………

7th August 2014 (click on logo above)
This week I will pick up the pieces dropped when I utilised William Burroughs ‘cut up’ process to present last week’s show. It was sound in theory……

28th August 2014 (click on logo above)
This week’s show will seek to add the 4th ‘Base’ note to the series and shall explain for the first time (publicly) how, in my reality at least, we are empowered to challenge those who control us…..

4th September 2014 (click on logo above)
On this show I will introduce the hermetic code. It is my contention that this ancient code of evolution is created by the prime number cross……..

11th September 2014 (click on logo above)

18th September 2014 (click on logo above)
“We’re fighting with the eyes of the blind, taking it hard” … Now that Scotland has (somewhat foolishly) decided to stay with us, I’d implore them to go one step further…….

25th September 2014 (click on logo above)
Tonight whilst continuing the theme of the Hermetic Code, financial alchemy and creation metaphors) I’ll be looking more closely at the Templars, the Albigensian Crusade, the latest insight on Rene le Chateau and the role of the Grail Romances…….

2nd October 2014 (click on logo above)
On this show we’ll be looking at just how big a dickhead David Cameron can be (as if anyone needs it detailing.) In response to his idiocy I’ll be taking a look at the Grail romances and the myths and legends of King Arthur……..

9th October 2014 (click on logo above)
This weeks show will develop the themes of the previous two as we continue with an hermetic and esoteric perspective on the global tyranny, Physics, Religion, Grail Legends, the Last Battle and their connection to ‘The People versus the Banks’……..

16th October 2014 (click on logo above)
Do join me again when I shall continue the theme of a big secret and a controlling hand throughout history obfuscated by Grail legends, religious persecutions, masonic influences and global financial slavery…..

23rd October 2014 (click on logo above)
Join me for a Lord of the Rings themed show which will now also include an exclusive revelation which has never been spotted before by researchers of the Great Pyramid or Sacred Geometry. It is what merges them both…..

30th October 2014 (click on logo above)
Tonight I hope to draw together the threads of previous shows with a perspective on the truth movement and the real circumstances we face….

6th November 2014 (click on logo above)
This week I will expand on the true nature of the ‘lost knowledge of ancient civilisation’ and the church control of it over centuries……

13th November 2014 (click on logo above)
I will be looking at ‘Number Magic’, Mathematics, Language/Grammar and the most illuminating work ever published in the field of Mathematics (so illuminating in fact that Einstein himself learned Mathematics from between its covers) before looking at ‘the occult roots of science’…..

20th November 2014 (click on logo above)
This week I’ll continue with Numbers and Religion to consider the philosophy of the ‘illuminated’, the occult roots of science and how both remain central to all that is happening in the geo-political arena today……

27th November 2014 (click on logo above)
I’ll be taking an esoteric look at revolution through the ages. Music this week has an 80s theme and includes The Alan Parsons Project…..

4th December 2014 (click on logo above)
On this show I’ll be rounding off the Grail, King Arthur, the true identity of Jesus and the lie which remains at the root of all religion today… as a prelude to the xmas show. I’ll also be considering ‘Nothing’ and its meaning in history…..

11th December 2014 (click on logo above)
Tonight I shall continue the esoteric perspective (i.e. the hidden reality) on subjects such as Santa Claus, Robin Hood, Dracula and Shakespeare. I’ll also be taking a more detailed look at the myths surrounding the work of John Dee, England’s greatest secret services agent. If you want to think outside the box we find ourselves in, think here….

18th December 2014 (click on logo above)
I explore some of the important numbers relating to the Moon that nobody seems to mention in their books on this very subject even though (some at least) have been made aware….

5th January 2015 (click on logo above)
Mark Cocking interviewed by Paul Giovanni on The Critical Mass Show……

15th January 2015 (click on logo above)
Tonight I’ll have to trust that my witterings aren’t too boring as I’ll go on a trip, via a sense of doubt, through Dr John Dee’s occult angelic invocation into a criticism of evil….

22nd January 2015 (click on logo above)

29th January 2015 (click on logo above)
This weeks show offers a perspective on the learning and teaching of the Bard, Ovate and Druid and reflects upon the inner work historically undertaken by Druidic initiates in their 19 year studies of the nature of reality, life and universal/natural law….

5th February 2015 (click on logo above)
This week I’ll continue with a brief but recent history of British Druidry and it’s exponents with a particular focus upon three artists and their own particular occult influences….

12th February 2015 (click on logo above)
Tonight the synthesis continues the Berlin/Germany/Weimar theme. In particular a look at esoteric societies, Theosophy, Stefan George and his possible influence on Claus von Staffenberg, leader of the mystical crusade against Hitler and the officer behind ‘Operation Valkyrie’. I’ll also present an interesting connection between Alistair Crowley and Staffenburg….

19th February 2015 (click on logo above)
Join me on a journey to the centre of the Earth. This week’s synthesis will investigate the science of a hollow earth, ponder the gravity of a flat earth, investigate mathemagic land, Pythagoras, the music of the spheres, circles, pentagrams and Phi. By putting together some of the key sacred geometric numbers investigated in previous shows, prepare for a first glimpse of how they may combine to make planetary conditions under which sentient life forms can evolve….

26th February 2015 (click on logo above)
Following on from last weeks “Journey to the centre of the Earth” I’ll look at the origins of life itself, ponder the analogue mechanisms (Turbine and Supercharged turbine) by which it may have become independent of its immediate environment and investigate the magnetic monopole, the mythical beast which (we are told) quantised electric charge throughout the universe, making it compatible with quantum theory. But is it? And what does it all mean anyway?…

5th March 2015 (click on logo above)
Tonight continues the esoteric journey into the Moon, human origins and those of our language, words and numbers with a focus upon Saturn and the source of all occult knowledge. Music this week will include our national anthem, Rush, Extreme, Tin Machine, Styx and more….

12th March 2015 (click on logo above)
This week I hope to lighten the mood a bit following the last 3 shows where I have been exploring a particular mythos concerning galactic origins and geometry which incorporates Tetrahedral Physics, ancient civilisation and high technology….

19th March 2015 (click on logo above)
This weeks show features an interview with Ian Archer who has lived with Aspergers all of his life and who only recently received an ‘official diagnosis’. Our talk contains fascinating insights not only into the man, a global adventurer, ex-school master, biologist and journeyman in pursuit of himself, but also into Aspergers Syndrome….

26th March 2015 (click on logo above)
This weeks synthesis continue a geometric journey into the hidden science of geo-engineering/terraforming, sacred geometry, human origins, ancient civilisation and Earth’s esoteric history. Into the mix goes misogyny, sexism, feminism (Lady stuff), David Icke and his theosophical teachings (tho this may get bumped into the next show), Mars and the occult influences of Gustav Holst, composer of ‘The Planets’….

2nd April 2015 (click on logo above)
Join me this week to further explore the philosophy and practise of Hermetic music. We will also explore the popular myth that the ‘Van Allen Belt’ could not have been traversed by the Apollo astronauts and see if it stands up to any scrutiny….

9th April 2015 (click on logo above)
Following last weeks investigation of the Vatican’s role in the holocaust, I shall continue with ‘Who runs England’ and look at the banned writings of a British MP who was jailed for the duration of WW2 following his investigation into that question on behalf of the British Prime Minister of the time….

16th April 2015 (click on logo above)
The focus continues this week upon WW2 and the real causes hidden in plain sight. We will look in some detail at the Haavara Agreement in 1933 between the Nazi’s and the World Zionist Movement and the declaration of war against Germany by Judea, also in 1933. Real events, but what meaning? I shall also continue to scrutinize the writings of the only British MP ever to have been jailed under Defence regulation 18B during world war 2….

23rd April 2015 (click on logo above)
I shall continue the investigation into the hidden causes of World War, particularly the American role. I’ll also consider just what Black and White magic actually is and, given enough time, will look at how the Vatican has prepared Europe to accept it’s new goddess, Mary as we consider the return of the goddess in contemporary spirituality….

30th April 2015 (click on logo above)
Tonight I’ll conclude the threads explored in recent shows and begin to put them together, from the Mars connection, through occult lore to WW2 including the statement issued by Captain Ramsay from Brixton prison to the Speaker and the House of Parliament concerning his detention and answering his critics. Music will include an original showcase by Rod Giles….

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  1. Mark, your shows do not seem to be on blog talk radio. Only five episodes are available from the first season in your Youtube page, and some of the dates are either missing or wrong(?). One of them has two contradictory dates on the video and description. Could you please get them all on your Youtube with proper dates, or at least make an accessible podcast archive?

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