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An Hermetic Non-Linear Cycle

A long time ago, deep beneath the surface of the 3rd (and occasionally the 4th) planet of a typical solar system, something incredibly normal was happening.

Due to the conditions inside the growing planet, a tiny crystal formed. It began to grow in the same way as living things grow. The crystal didn’t think that it should actually be able to ‘think’ about anything.

Nevertheless it did!

It would take on form and geometry, much in the same way as sand will form a beautiful pattern when scattered on a vibrating plate. Geometry arises from the inertia of the underlying plate as it responds to the source frequency, pushing sand to the peaks of the interference pattern created on its surface. The source frequency is therefore modulated and phased by the medium through which it must pass, as it seeks harmonious form in ‘three dimensional space’.

It was a strange and exciting time for a crystal to materialize in the experiential realm. The more material it became, the more it perceived of time, the inertial drag of infinity. It was growing in such a way that it would last forever, or as close to ‘forever’ as anything can last.

The growing crystal was secure in the knowledge that its Mother was not too far away.

It knew that it would never get to see her, as she was deeper still within this strange but beautiful planet. This was of no concern though, for it could ‘feel’ her.  And it was happy.

It seemed, as it grew, it knew all that it cast its mind to.

This was all a bit disconcerting, to say the least, so the small crystal asked its Mother to explain.

She said that she was a big crystal. So big, in fact, that she covers what, on the surface, will become known as 200 miles in every direction.

She explained, “We resonate sympathetically, and sometimes critically, with the space in which we exist and from which we exude. To resonantly interfere with that space is to create a vortex of consequential energy induction. This gives us consciousness. This energy will become known to future inhabitants of the surface of the planet, but they will not understand its nature until such time as the crystals choose to reveal it. Mind comes before matter, my child.”

The small crystal was amazed. “So you are telling me that we, through a fundamental process of nature, are able to communicate with every sentient form on the planet?”

“Yes, among other things!” Mother exclaimed, smiling as only a crystal could.

“You could be forgiven for thinking we are alive.”

”You mean we’re not? The small crystal asked, sensing somehow within what ‘alive’ actually meant.

”Not exactly” she said, ” We are as the lattice upon which life’s information is stored.

We don’t need wires to connect us, just as those future inhabitants of the surface won’t need wires in their technology, but they will be fooled into not realizing this!

They will use our numbers to perform calculations that lead them to make a great realisation about their universe and their place in it. They will learn to understand the influences of the sentient and non corporeal intelligences upon their nature and their destiny. They may learn of the pervasive direction of their consciousness by others, though it is not likely that they will use such knowledge properly.

If they do not understand how this energy network functions they will create something which will merely keep them in conflict and subservience until ignorance destroys them. But don’t worry.

Our vibrations define their Time. We are not subject to it.

We are mineral and subject to a deeper harmony.”

“WOW!” said the small crystal, discovering its first palindrome, whilst missing the full implications of his mother’s words. ”Will they really destroy themselves?”

Mother explained that indeed they will be able to choose their destiny by understanding their fate. Because they do not understand the Laws of Nature, they will argue whether it is better to continue with technological advance and growth or whether natural resources should be conserved and respected. As if they were mutually exclusive. They will miss the unifying factor.

But only because those who will lead them are mislead.

They will view problems from the wrong perspective, leading to incorrect conclusions and negative feedback. They will argue about the causes of environmental change, transposing cause and effect. Their solutions will be devastating.

They will blame science for all their problems, yet only a pure science, which acknowledges the role of mind in the universal scheme of things, will save them.

Existing in the animal dimension, they may influence and manipulate the vegetable to their will.

In this way, they will create their reality, utilising the mineral world.

Intent will be made material.

Many ‘states of mind’, which sum to zero.

In this way also they may be manipulated by adepts of this knowledge.

The small crystal had no idea what all this meant but began to see that, at a distant time in the future, the inhabitants would discover the laws of nature. Instead of using them wisely, they would use them for personal gain and to feed their will to power. All this could be known, it realised, because crystals ‘mineral time’ encompasses all ‘animal time’.

An imperialist and self interested approach will be adopted first by technological society and then, ironically, by the very environmental movements which seek to stop the ecological carnage. Both sides will claim to be right when, in fact, both will be wrong. This disharmony will cause the ‘notes’ of the eco-system to ‘involve’ (as opposed to ‘evolve’) resulting in the destruction of their civilisation. And it will happen time and again as they evolve in mind and as matter condenses around them. That is the nature of matter.

There is always inertia. Until, that is, they learn the nature of inertia. Gravity has no equivalence, as even a schoolchild can prove with a spinning top.

The small crystal enquired as to how that might be. Mother responded with a gentle sigh which shook the surface of the Earth and re-arranged it slightly.

And, with this, the small crystal had a ‘vision’. A deep sensing that the future surface inhabitants would use the power of crystals in their technology. They would use computers without truly understanding what the very fact that they DO actually work implies of their reality!

They will use calculators and computers to process numbers without knowing the nature of the numbers. Most will see them as their own creation and therefore irrelevant, but they will be found in nature because nature IS the interaction of ‘values’. Geometry they will call ‘Sacred’!

The vision increased in density and the crystal saw a young child of this planet they call Earth, after the energy the planet imbibes. He was apparently captivated by a gentle shaking beneath his feet as he contemplated the Moon and its beauty. In the sky above the visionary planet is a smaller planet. Because it orbits around the larger planet it is sometimes the 4th planet in the system and, at other times, the 3rd.

The inhabitants would argue eternally about the effect, if any, it has on their planet and its life forms.

The crystal could sense that the child was afraid of these thoughts, but it knew that he was actually afraid of asking the question they raised. This same thought crossed the child’s mind in that moment and he quickly appraised his sense of rationality. In doing so, he realised what an irrational thing ‘rationality’ must be. Defined, as it is, by ill informed ‘consensus’ opinion.

Happy he was in control, and sensing some hidden guidance, the child continued with his daydreaming under the moon. Bathing in a river of moonlight he drew it down and imagined himself crossing it in style. It was then that he determined to research the question which he could not utter, in the hope that the words may come easier when he must ask it.

His philosophical meanderings continued later that night in his room, almost with a sense of excitement that he was about to discover something. In reality, something had discovered him.

It would converge from all angles and spiral in upon him.

It was not for him to push the river, for it flows all by itself. Yet many have drowned.

This is why those who cross are termed ‘Adept’.

The universe is fluid.

Something pushed him in.

So he swam.

The Earths cycle around the Sun is best described as 366. They would argue for years that there are only 365 days in their year and therefore 366 cannot be correct. The crystals in the calculators they use, however, will know that a 365.25 day year is specific to the inhabitant’s perspective from the surface. They would also know that approximation itself is a key to the communication of the geometry among ‘those who are aware of it’. Accuracy is a key to its physical construction however.

The small crystal was content to accept this until such time as it could understand. The child did not know where all these strange and apparently random thoughts were coming from. The crystal did. The child was not willing to accept it at all. But the crystal knew that he would, eventually.

All things must evolve, but evolution will be misinterpreted until such time as history itself is understood. But, like science, history occults consciousness. And consciousness occults history, with intent. Evolution of all matter and consciousness (the crystal knew) is, after all, a function of three symbiotic aspects of ‘creation’, over time. It is, after all, before all! Reciprocal in geometry and reciprocal in nature, thereby materializing intent as matter, and it’s polar opposite as a consequence.

Utilising easily observable and measurable data, the child began to see something rather beautiful, but felt like his mind and body had been hit by a steam train. There was, however, a light at the end of the tunnel. Light was a key, he was sure, but had no idea why. He also had no idea what light actually was. He had an idea that he would.

The child had learned at school that there were things called fractions, whereby a number could become its own RECIPROCAL. 4 can be reciprocated by dividing it into 1 (i.e. ¼).

He had also learned that a number can be SQUARED by multiplying it by itself.

(4 Squared is 16 and 6 squared is 36. ¼ is 1/16th of 4. Similarly 1/6 is 1/36th of 6)

So, he realised that there is a relationship between a number and it’s reciprocal. In this relationship he felt something primeval. Archetypal even! He glanced in the mirror and saw the clock on the wall. He had misread the time. It was late.

The next day at school began with a big bang. It was double physics and the student teacher was somewhat rounded, with a body shape like two intersecting circles with a proportionate head. He reminded the class of the Dough Boy from the adverts and he had an almost perverse fixation with the Van Der Graaf Generator. Perverse because he would often unleash it’s primal force upon the class as a form of punishment, merely for being there apparently. All would join hands on punishment of worse for refusal. The first to touch the door to leave would electrically shock everybody. Today was such a day.

Luckily, something the teacher had mentioned whilst setting up the generator sparked with him. He explained that something called ‘Gravity’ obeys a law called the INVERSE SQUARE LAW.

This struck a chord, because he could describe the numbers he had been contemplating in the same way. Almost as if there were some sort of ‘mirror’ between a number and its reciprocal.

This was all too much for the child but, in the scenario foreseen by the small crystal, he felt a certain connection. He saw the Earth and the solar system. He saw infinity beyond it. It amused him that, like Zaphod Beeblebrox in the hilarious Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, he saw perspective in the infinite which disengaged the mind long enough to admire its beauty and to realise its unity with consciousness, before collapsing into the rational perception of insignificance and chaos. Unlike Zaphod, he didn’t have two heads to balance the equations.

An inner seal had been opened. All would become the other.

He gathered these thoughts and, with intent, decided to teach the teacher how to teach the art of restraint and self control. He reached out and shook him firmly by the hand, discharging the circuit of pupils, and their potential energy, into one useful lesson which the teacher eventually may appreciate.

The practical physics experiment had the added benefit of proving that, contrary to popular mythology in those times, Weebles may well wobble, but they most certainly DO fall down, if the right forces are applied at the right time. The teacher calls them a Vector of force. The child imagined that the teacher was just seeing the net result of various forces, not least the intent applied, and consented to, by a few sniggering pupils. The generator would subsequently receive high respect in the classroom as a symbol of shocking irony and divine justice.

The shock was worth it.

The resulting detention, a further irony.

He was tasked to answer, in writing and within 60 minutes, the question that was written on the board, “Why should I not electrocute the teacher?” Worded deviously to ensure compliance to the teacher’s moral reasoning and natural arrogance, this question begged for an answer. Here was a task which must surely end in further detention, for he could think of no reason, nor had he applied any when he delivered the dolorous stroke to the teacher.

It was simply funny

Humour would not go unpunished by this rather serious teacher, though it seemed the least boring option in the face of tedium. He knew there was an irony to pursue but could not find it. This task was destined for mediocrity. Indeed he felt he would struggle to attain even that.

“Sir!?” He exclaimed questioningly. “How many words must I write?”

“No less than 600 words, and don’t take all day!” Teacher retorted.

He worked out how many words a minute that required and realised that he’d better stop thinking and start doing. This could take all day. Imagine how many reasons one could come up with in a day. One a minute, at least, he thought.

1440 reasons not to electrocute the teacher.

Putting pen to paper he scrawled the title of his forthcoming essay, “Why should I not electrocute the teacher?” To which he had mistakenly inserted an exclamation mark, thus:

“Why should I not electrocute the teacher!?

It was then that the teacher left the class. The child’s attention drifted as he saw the evening sun begin to set through the window of the classroom, casting rays of light over a rapidly dimming horizon’ He could almost see the curvature of the horizon set against the illumination and he imagined the circle of the Earth, realizing that it has 360 so called ‘degrees of arc’, each subdivided further into 60 minutes of 60 seconds each. He mused whether an ‘arc day’ would have 24 arc hours in it, totaling 1440 arc minutes and, if such a thing existed, what it would be, as it can’t be a circle!? But such abstract summer induced meanderings were not apparently helping to get the job done.

His eye was caught by a coloured refraction from the exhibits in the corner of classroom. A variety of stones and crystals collected by the geology class. One was about the size of a football. An uncut crystal rock of some sort. Quartz probably. He was sure he felt a slight tremble under his feet as a feeling of déjà vu rose from within and resonated with the moment. A moment in which a book fell from the bookshelf behind him and lay open on the floor, revealing the speed of light as 300,000 kilometers per second.

He seemed to get his minutes confused, for the hour passed quickly and, just as he was pondering how many arc seconds light would cover per second around the Earth, or any sphere, at that speed, the teacher reappeared and demanded that he stop writing. The reality dawned upon him that he hadn’t even started.

The paper was keenly snapped up by the teacher who, in bemusement, asked for the rest of it.

“There is no more, sir. I’m sorry.” He said, realizing he had been caught dreaming again.

What happened next was not expected at all. The teacher smiled and said, “I like it! Very clever. I should send you to the head, but I like the way you reciprocated the question with the exclamation mark, making it rhetorical and in need of no further explanation! Go on, get out of here and think yourself lucky I’m feeling good! By the way. What is this number?”

He was shown the paper he had written on and realised he had simply made an error, but one which somehow answered the question. He was amazed at his apparent luck and pretended that he had intended to be ironic, though he didn’t fully understand what the teacher meant. It didn’t matter. He’d surpassed mediocrity almost by accident and realised that he should perhaps honour some errors for their hidden intent.

But the number scribbled across the page was familiar. “144000”

He had apparently scribbled it on the page whilst daydreaming, though he had no recollection of doing so. He had no idea where it came from. The crystal in the corner did. It knew that ancient initiates counted 360 days to a year for a reason. All was less dense then. This was the speed of light over the surface of a sphere in arc seconds per second, as he had pondered upon.

“Just scribble Sir!” he said, as he exited swiftly, somewhat disturbed

Running home, the evening had set. He was late because of the choice he had made in electrocuting the teacher. It was later that night that other numbers threw themselves out of books which almost, but not quite, said everything.

Earth’s orbit around Sun = 366 days.

Moon Orbit around Earth = 27.32 days (Humans will use other numbers for this according to which point they measure from)

Absolute Zero, the temperature at which all atomic ‘life’ or movement ceases, is Minus 273.2 degrees (CENTIGRADE). This scale is important (as the crystal is well aware) and requires a leap of understanding at some point, for it permits a glimpse into ‘zero point’.

Statistical average of Human Female Hormone Cycle 27.3 days

Gestation of Human Child from conception to birth 273.2 days (10 Sidereal Months)

So, all he did was divide these into 1 to reciprocate them to see what happens. He did not know why!

1/366 = 0.002732

The Earths cycle around the Sun is a reciprocal (Inverse/Reflection) of the cycle of the Moon around the Earth!

1/27.32 = 0.0366 just to prove it…

These orbits also seem to have a controlling influence on many things including the growth of children; the monthly female hormonal cycle; the birth of children and, interestingly enough, even the lowest temperature in the universe!

It is the belief of many humans that they feel these relationships. If all things are subject to geometric order, such things could never simply be co-incidence.Indeed, ‘coincidence’ must merely be a word to describe ‘unknown histories, meeting.

It was the entire basis of the understanding of the ancient inhabitants that these influences are fundamental to all things. Indeed, this is the entire basis of Astrology.

He was later fascinated to realise that the ancients clearly used the mathematical constant Pi in their construction designs and subsequently realised that the ratio

Pi: 4 is 1:1.2732

As Pi is a constant relating to the Circle; and as 4 is the number of a Square, he realised that this ratio actually squared the circle! Metaphorically and mathematically!

It is a trans-dimensional constant. A mathematical constant which, in some way, defines the transition from the source of all energy into physical ‘reality’.

He found in another school book that the Mass of the moon is 1/81 that of Earth.

For no apparent reason he worked that out on his calculator. (The crystals inside it knew something big was about to happen, but the child didn’t think too much of what he had found.)

1/81= 0.012345679

It was interesting to note that the ‘8’ is apparently missing from, what would otherwise be, an interesting linear result corresponding to the number system itself.

It would be years later before he stumbled across a book of mathematical ‘proofs’ which contained an obscure proof that the ‘8’ is not actually missing when calculated in binary.

What really caught his attention though, other than an apparently missing 8, is that this sequence runs to infinity by repeating itself constantly


Why should the Mass of the Moon, relative to that of Earth, show a decimal construction when nature does not do decimals? Clearly, at some level, it does.

But it is sealed away from view until one opens other seals.

The next day at school he was in the science class and was looking at the chart on the wall. It was called ‘The Periodic Table’, and it reminded him of something. It was not the Hormone Cycle he had contemplated the day before, although the thought tickled him.

There were 83 Natural stable elements, the rest being unstable and radioactive.

These unstable elements do not occur in nature or, if they do, they decay into non existence rapidly, with only the odd exception.

He looked at the chart and found that 2 of the 83 ‘stable’ elements were actually ”Radioactive” and the teacher had no idea why they should be included… but they were! He knew that if these two were not really ‘stable’ then they had no place in that section of the chart. This would mean that there were 81 natural elements in nature that combine to make everything. That number and it’s reciprocal, he had seen before!

It would not take much more reading before he stumbled across an explanation. Elements 43 and 61 do NOT exist in nature, on this planet or even within the solar system. But because science had learned how to synthesize elements in a nuclear reactor, they had included them retrospectively within the ‘stable’ section of the periodic table. But they are not stable. And this is WHY they don’t exist.

So there ARE only 81 stable elements. Not 83! Furthermore, the number 81 is sealed from view unless one realizes this. An initiate called Asimov gave a clue when he wrote ‘there are only 81 stable elements’ in his “Book of Facts”, though he provided no further detail.

It interested the child to read that each of these elements had ‘families’ of related, almost identical elements called ISOTOPES.  He noticed that there were never more than 10 Isotopes in each ‘octave’ of elements and was astounded, years later, to read in another book by a famous chemist that “it is necessary to point out that we are kept in the dark about the basic fact that there can be no more than ten isotopes because the number ten appears a bit too mystical for some people in high places.”

He recalled that all numbers are generated by the RECIPROCAL (reflection) of 81. (1/81 = 0.0123456789…)

There seemed to be a relationship between the ratio of the mass of Earth and Moon, and the number of elements and their isotopes. Whilst looking up the mass of the Moon in a book, he noticed also that the Moons acceleration in its orbit is 0.273 x cm/s squared. He could not, however, understand how that could be, but the numbers betrayed a further connection. The radius of the Moon is 0.272 Earth Radii. Nearly! But not quite!

The Decimal sequence seemed to be a direct consequence of the ratio of 1:81 and all reciprocal numbers (fractions) can be seen to exist between zero and one. They are infinite, yet they are bounded by Zero and One (or Zero Point and Unity). It dawned on him that he had just successfully visualized infinity bounded in three dimensions.

The next day at school was to prove even stranger.

He was in a Geography class and the teacher was talking about the weather forecast. He explained that the temperature was measured in CELSIUS (or Centigrade, a scale from 0 to 100) and that this scale was manmade.

The child found it strange that the number 273.2 (minus) should occur on this scale as the lowest possible temperature in the universe. He could not see how there could be any connection to his other realisations, as the teacher explained that the decimal system was chosen arbitrarily.

The teacher went on to explain that, in order to make measurement easier, Mr. Celsius chose a starting point which was easily measured and which would never vary. This was the temperature at which Ice melts (Water Ice) and it was set at ZERO (0) wrongly called ‘freezing point’. Then another easily measured but fixed point was needed. The next obvious one to do with water was the point at which it turns to steam, called Boiling Point.

This, as we have ten fingers, was called 100. Anything in between could be measured on a scale of 0 to 100 degrees Celsius.

It struck the child that Mr. Celsius had ‘chosen’ two measurement points that were also quite NATURAL. They were anything other than ‘arbitrary’.

At ground level, water freezes/melts and boils at these points. Mr. Celsius didn’t choose them randomly. Rather, they chose him! And on that decimal scale he established by ‘accident’ the lowest possible temperature of absolute zero as being  -273.2 degrees Celsius. Natures order was at work again somewhere. In Base Ten!

But he still couldn’t begin to understand what it meant. His teacher went on to say that, for convenience, Absolute zero was called 0 degrees KELVIN after the man who discovered it. KELVIN is a decimal scale just like centigrade, only its starting point is set at -273.2 and is renamed ZERO on that scale.

After giving up any hope of seeing through all this confusion, the child made his way to the next lesson. This was Physics, and he hated it because the teacher always seemed unable to answer questions, like ‘Why’ or ‘What if?’ This lesson was, however, a bit different. The teacher was talking about the BIG BANG, which is how the Universe began, according to current science. He explained that modern technology had proven that the BIG BANG happened some 13.7 Billion years ago.

He noted the numbers 1, 3, &7 and the fact that science itself had already noted them.

137 is the strangest number in mainstream science. It crops up in many calculations and answers, yet they know not why.

Scientists had measured a level of ‘background’ radiation in the sky. The presence of this background radiation is taken to prove that there was a huge fireball at the beginning of the Universe, and that it has now cooled down to the temperature recorded by the COBE (Cosmic Background Explorer) satellite. They calculated the temperatures that must have been involved and extrapolated back in time to calculate that the background radiation temperature is currently what it would be after cooling down for 13.7 billion years. The child failed to see the logic in their assumption but then realised that it was a reasonable one to make. But only if one is unaware of the underlying geometry in simple observations.

The latest measurements taken by the Hubble space telescope show a reading of 2.734

Degrees KELVIN. The child thought this interesting. So he asked the teacher how accurate the reading was!? The teacher, of course, didn’t know. All he could say was that it was at first 2.735 but further measurement has brought this down.

He asked the teacher, “what if it is found to be 2.732?”

The teacher had no idea what the child meant, and it dawned on the child that he had no real idea what he meant either, but he pressed the point.

”Sir, if it is 2.732 then I can show you that this number appears in many relationships on Earth and the Moon (but only in Decimal base 10) and, if this proves to be the case, then that temperature cannot be the remnants of a Big Bang explosion. On the contrary, it must be some sort of universal constant itself. Is it a coincidence, for example, that a gas expands by a factor of 1.2732 for every degree it is heated?

Sir, the Big Bang could not have happened as they say it did and I suppose, if that were true, that science has got the wrong end of the stick. Literally!”

The teacher took him aside and told him not to be so stupid. He advised him that a phenomena known as ‘Red shift’ of light proved that the universe was expanding and there must therefore have been a time when it came into being, in the Big Bang.

”But Sir, if I am right, Physics is wrong and you are teaching something that is not exactly true. Even a child can see these numbers.”

The teacher looked at the child’s information, data and knowledge (although it was confused and limited. It had not evolved at that time) and then said out loud ”sit down and keep your stupid thoughts to yourself.”

Being fascinated by the science of sound, as he was, he realised that ‘red shift’ of sound can be heard as a motor car passes you and the pitch decreases. It is caused by the compression/rarefaction of sound waves in a dense medium like the air. And light is subject to the same effect as it journeys through space. But he had often wondered, whilst struggling against the wind, how he was still able to hear sounds from behind him. If sound is transmitted as a wave in the air molecules, how can it be that it is not entirely scattered in the chaos of molecular interactions within the air, especially when it’s moving toward the sound source? He realised that sound was an analogue wave, but that it must have a corresponding ‘wave’ in a non-resistant medium at ‘zero-point’ otherwise it could never be received over any distance.

Intriguingly, on the teachers desk was a science magazine.

The headline read, “Digital receiving mechanism discovered in the ear.”

Humiliated by his teacher, he went to his next lesson. He was dreaming in the corner of the music room, as children often do, and wondering how he could ever get to the bottom of this conundrum. It was as if the universe had a secret which it hid from unworthy eyes, in full view!

Everything he had stumbled across whilst playing with these numbers reminded him of an old wisdom his mother often quoted.

”As above…So Below.”

He made a point of noting his intention to ask his mother what the saying means. However, his music teacher at that point clipped his head and demanded that he wake up. She asked him to tell the class how many notes in an octave there were?

”Err… Eight!?” He said.

”Err…Yes!” said the teacher. ”Now sit up and pay attention!”

Unfortunately his mind was off elsewhere again. Actually he could only think of seven notes. Do Re Me Fa So La and Ti (ABCDEF & G), so perhaps he was wrong?

No! The next note makes the octave. It is the same as the first note, only on a higher scale or frequency of vibration. He knew that a sound is simply a vibration.

There it was again. As above, so below.

When he got home he asked his mother what that old adage meant, because she had quoted it to him as a central theme of what she called ‘Holistic’ Thinking, so acclaimed by environmentally and spiritually ‘aware’ people. Indeed, she and her friends discussed these things regularly. She did not really know, although she suggested that it meant everything of a ‘higher order’ is reflected in the ‘lower order’.

That made sense, but it was about as vague as you can get.

Disappointed by his mothers answer, he decided to look it up for himself. Something troubled him. It felt to him like some message had been left by someone in the distant past, and that it was intended not just to inspire people but also as a genuine science and philosophy that has real implications for the real world.

And yet, to mention it, even in the company of supposedly open minded individuals, would prove to be a problem. Particularly for those who consider themselves knowledgeable within the field of environmental science and sustainable development. They consider themselves to be experts in a new field, and it is one that they will not readily allow to be challenged, however wrong they are.

The child would soon learn that most are not so much motivated by a vision of a balanced sustainable environment, as by their own personal returns from being involved. It will become more a case of ‘how much money can be spent’ and ‘how many jobs can be created’.

He felt that he was no longer a child, though he felt that the child within was excited.

It took him no more than a couple of days to find that in fact the ”as above so below” philosophy was allegedly termed by a person whom the Greeks called Hermes. Hermes was known to ancient Egyptians as Thoth and as Enoch to later Christian peoples. He was credited with having taught humanity everything they knew about Science, Language and Agriculture (among other things). He was literally the founder of civilisation and it is said that he sealed this knowledge away, though it was always to be available to an initiated Priesthood.

Hence, ‘Hermetically Sealed’.

Initiates were taught how to open these seals, by degrees, to attain the highest knowledge of the order of the universe… and how to manipulate it. The high science encoded in these degrees is that of the underlying order of the universe. And that order can be observed and proven in, apparently, 13 different ways. These are ‘The Signals of Thoth’. The child was a bright young lad, but all of this legend stuff was a bit scary.

It would be years later that he would discover that knowledge of Hermes had been guarded by a mystery school for millennia. He would find that, because he had come so far with his realisations, the supposed ‘secrets’ of a school in which he found himself, were already ‘known’ to him. Indeed he would see that somewhere above the hierarchy of dissemination of this knowledge, lay mal-intent.

Ancient writings refers to Enoch as the founder of wisdom and make it expressly clear that it was in fact the same person (or God, as he was seen) as Thoth and Hermes. The child was to have many thoughts on the subject, many of which would bear fruit.

The Book of Enoch reflects upon a time to come when books will reveal knowledge to be sealed away from man in order that he may learn his true identity and thus bring about a period of highly advanced understanding and harmony with nature, as they had patently failed to do prior to the times referred to within these writings.

Abuse of that knowledge, however, leads to personal and collective apocalypse, well described in so many religious, spiritual and philosophical writings.  Not least the infamous and mathematically encoded “Revelation”, scribed on Patmos and present in the very motivation and intent of many powerful groups throughout ‘recorded’ history. This document was of its time, but history has occulted the math.

It followed that, if that knowledge were always attainable by a Priesthood of ‘high initiates’, it would be protected by them to this day. Unless they have somehow forgotten it or simply given it up. But, as the knowledge is so clearly suppressed and ridiculed when it surfaces publicly, this observation demands a moment’s consideration.

The 144,000 is encoded 3 times in this particular book. This number, you might say, is one of the ‘seals’ the writing refers to. It refers explicitly to light, for reasons which the child was later to discover. Pi is encoded in the arrangement of the book. It details the ‘Precession of the Equinox’.

When one takes time to see who is suppressing it, and how, one will see why.

The child within him stirred as he felt the ground tremble and rearrange itself slightly.

He experienced nostalgia and felt the zeitgeist of the times.

He had found an ancient spiritual and scientific knowledge that seems to have been kept secret for thousands of years. This created more questions than answers so he was content to allow it to unfold.

The environment was clearly a key issue. It seemed likely that the main problem with the eco system and environment could be solved, quite easily.

The crystal was pleased with the child’s progress and knew that he, and so many others, would soon find the unifying key which will unlock the ancient science and its meaning for all to know. A key so simple, and yet so beautiful that it might be the very definition of ‘awe’.

This was an awakening process that the crystal had witnessed many times before. But Mother reassured it that, this time, the children of the Earth have evolved sufficiently to take on this enemy in the full light of day.

They will do battle with those who have long known this information and who used it to secure dominance over all.

The last battle, soon to be won!


2 thoughts on “The Crystal

  1. Very very interesting stuff. Just to throw in another ” coincidence” and this one probably just is. The batteries in fire alarm cabinets, two twelve volt batteries in series are kept charged at a fixed voltage of 27.3 volts! Many thanks for your work in explaining the hidden nature of our reality.

    • Dave F… Apologies for the delay in responding (due to a recent family bereavement and a few weeks out) and thank you for the information. I’ve found that most of these occurrences actually lead to a greater realisation and are not co-incidence. This one, being electrical, is worthy of further thought at least so I’ve put it on my ‘shelf’ and will let you know if it re-occurs in my own investigation. Cheers and thanks again!

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